Official Release Date Announcement

But First The Furies will be released on August 17th 2012. I know that’s over two more weeks you have to wait. So to satisfy your sonic urges here’s our new single Get Clean with it’s B-Side Katie Wins. Enjoy

The A.C. Unit

We recently created a theme song for this podcast called The A.C. Unit. You can listen to the podcast here. You can also listen to the song on it’s own here.

So close you can taste it (but we want you to hear it)

We are so very close to having this record finished. There’s literally one short recording session left for this coming Sunday. After that we’ll have captured all the sounds for our upcoming full length album But First The Furies.

Last week we got the talented Andrew Nico to come and play some guitar on a few tracks. Jake Perry has been sending us tracks over the internet. And just last night we recorded Not Blood Paint, Lyan & Ryan, and Lily Feinn singing some gang vocals for us. Our final session involves recording Ian Gillium and George Frye playing some guitar for us. Everything is in the final stages of mixing and mastering. Once we get that last session, we have to mix it in and BOOM we’ve got an album.

I’m not making any promises just yet, but it appears that it will be released digitally early August. I’m going to try to be a bit more diligent about updating this blog in these final weeks of album creation. Soon friends, very soon!

Best Friend Single & The Furies Interview

Alright boys and girls here is the link to our newest single Best Friend along with the B-Side When I Go Home. Both songs will be featured on our upcoming release But First The Furies, which should be available later this summer. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

In other news The Furies were recently interviewed for Mustache Magazine by Ruth Nineke. You can read that interview here or here.

All In all we’re really excited to get this album wrapped up. We hope you all enjoy the new music and our interview. We’ll be back to playing shows soon.

4.30.12 Update

Well today is an arbitrary deadline we set up for ourselves. Unfortunately for us we did not meet it, but it’s okay. Back on March 3rd when we started this recording process we decided to try to get all of our audio recorded by today. You know we may have even been successful if it hadn’t been for the technical difficulties we had early on in the process. We’re damn close with vocals to record on 5 songs. Although that doesn’t include overdubs by outside parties, and it never did. This is only regarding our personal parts, vocals, drums, and guitar. Which may not seem like much, but let me tell you it’s a lot when you have 16 tracks. We’ve also recorded bass tracks with Travis McRae for several of these songs within that time period. So all in all I think we’re doing pretty good.

This past weekend we recorded again with Travis. We’re getting close to having bass parts on everything. We’ve nearly finished vocals as well. I want to say 3 more songs to do vocals on. We’ve passed on tracks to our other additional musicians. Jake Perry and I have set up an dropbox to pass files back and forth between NYC and Michigan. Andrew Nico has references of his songs and will be coming to NYC in the near future to record his parts. There’s no way we can control how fast it happens with these guys so there’s no point in putting deadlines on it. All in all we’re not to far behind schedule. Our album should be out this summer and we’ll get back to playing shows.

Recording Update

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here. We’re still in the thick of recording. Last weekend we recorded several tracks with Joe Stratton. Drums and guitar are recorded for every song that’ll be on the album. Which reminds we. We’re closing in on a track list, which is as follows.

  1. Second
  2. Best Friend
  3. Get Clean
  4. A Message To You, Rudy
  5. Lester
  6. Mullbury Hill
  7. Therefur
  8. Katy Wins
  9. Leave
  10. Tiger Kisses
  11. Stephanie’s Girl
  12. Prison Ain’t So Bad
  13. When I Go Home
  14. The Fall
  15. Everyday Rock & Roll Band

As an added little bonus here is a demo version of Everyday Rock & Roll Band. It’ll only be up for a couple days, so listen while you can. 

Apple Vs. Microsoft

Do you prefer a Macintosh or a P.C.? Personally I don’t really care. I use both and they both behave like computers. Last night it was put to test for me and well Macintosh won.

Let me elaborate.

If you’ve been reading you may know that we’ve been having technical difficulties. Clicks and pops on guitar tracks. Distorted robot sounds on vocals. It’s been a real uphill battle so far. I’ve been recording on a fairly high end 64 bit P.C. Laptop and a Digi 002. Which was working perfectly fine for a while. We used it to record drums. We worked around the clicks for the rhythm guitar tracks. We even had a few good vocal takes until it just got to be too much.

I don’t know how to fix the problems I’m having with my P.C. so I dug out my old Mac Mini. This thing is seven years old. It’s main purpose in life has been to run Pro Tools and record audio. Although it runs slow it had no problems recording James vocal tracks last night. No distortion, no clicks, no pops, just clear vocals.

I’ve always said it makes no difference to me, but if it’s going to inhibit my work then it does. So as far as I’m concerned Macintosh actually does make a superior product. If Microsoft wants to prove me wrong they can feel free to give me a super computer which will handle all of my audio recording needs. 

I Spoke To Soon

I really did. Our technical difficulties do not seem to be over. Last night we began to record vocals. After a few minutes of recording the mic started popping and making robot sounds.

If it’s not one thing it’s another eh?

The solution? I’m not sure yet. It could be the interface, it could be the computer. I’ve transfered all the files over to my very old mac mini which I used to record on years ago. If it records fine with the interface than we can rule it out as being a problem.

My current computer was recording fine with an Mbox 2 just a few weeks ago. So I’m not positive it’s that either. I’m betting it’s a connection issue. Maybe the firewire port is bad. I just don’t know. 

Tonight we will attempt to record vocals yet again. If it works with the old Mac Mini than I’m going to use that. If not I’m going to try the Mbox 2 with my new computer. If I’m still not having any luck than I don’t know. Maybe a whole new set up is in the near future. 

Recording Update

Hey there boys & girls, we’ve overcome our technical difficulties and are now back to the grind. That’s right we’ve continued our recording, and if I say so myself it’s sounding quite nice.

James has recorded all of his rhythm guitar parts. We’ve got the one and only Travis McRae sitting in on the bass for us. He’s finished three songs, and not far off on two others. In the near future we’ll also be welcoming Andrew Nico to record some various extras such as piano, organ, and perhaps even some lead guitar.

In the mean while James and I are about to begin recording vocals, which is my favorite part. The songs will really take shape after vocals are on the track. Then the real mixing can begin. 

All in all we’re really excited and loving what we’ve got so far. So be patient little ones because The Furies are bringing back the ROCK.

The Ups & Downs of Home Recording

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any recoding updates lately. Well that’s because we’ve been having technical difficulties. We’ve been getting a distorted clicking on our tracks. It was really driving me crazy for a while there. I had to go back and reset all my settings. Afterward I completely optimized my computer to record with Pro Tools. Now there’s no clicking on our tracks. Ah I can breathe easy again.

In other news, another old recording has surfaced. This time it’s Best Friend also scrapped from the Too Much Music E.P. You can hear that here


This morning I found this old recording of Get Clean. It’s from the Too Much Music E.P. Somehow this one got overlooked, because I completely forgot about it. It’s finished to a point that we should have included it. It’s beyond me why we didn’t. We’re working on this song for the new release. So this is the Get Clean (Too Much Music B-Side) version. Enjoy. 

More Photos From La Normalidad Release Party

All Photos taken by Chris Mather

Recording Guitar for Lester

Recording Guitar for Therefur

Recording Update 3/5/12

The Furies have officially started recording. Here are some dark photos from the pit in which we recorded drums last weekend.

If you’re interested in such things here is a list of what microphones we used on which drums.

  • Bass Drum-Shure PG52
  • Snare-Shure SM58
  • Tom-Sennheiser 421
  • High Hats-Electro-Voice RE20
  • Ride-Shure SM58
  • Crash-Shure SM57

We made it through 11 drums tracks. A few from my earlier list didn’t get recorded. Perhaps we’ll save those for a later release. Next up we’ll be recording guitars. We’ll be giving recording updates as we progress. In the mean time you can check out our other recordings at